5 Things to Do When Things Don’t Work Out

You will get through this
— Love, Vodka

If it's meant to be, it'll be

When things don’t go our way and we are left with disappointment, it can be devastating. Sometimes we are so sure that we landed that job or that things would work out the way we planned and life just laughs in our faces. It sucks, it hurts, and here is five things to do to get through it.



Whether it be for 10 minutes, 10 hours, or even 10 days. Girl, give yourself time to wallow. Feel the disappointment, let it sink in and when you’ve cried all your tears, move on. I always believe it is important to feel the pain given to us. Whether you didn’t get that job you were hoping for or the house you were dreaming of got bought by someone else, feel the disappointment and then get up and move forward.



When I, personally, am in my wallowiest wallows, I turn on Harry Potter. I begin to marathon my favorite movies of all time, the Harry Potter films 1-8. Now that’s about 20 hours that I dedicate myself to but you know what? It makes me feel better. I can distinctly remember times in my life when I was sad or disappointed at an outcome and I would curl up on the couch and turn on good ole HP. My husband would walk in and the first thing out of his mouth is, “what’s wrong?” He gets me. So if you have a favorite movie that makes you feel good and will take your mind off of your particular circumstance, pop it in! Turn on Netflix and get comfy. An equally valuable alternative would be to binge watch a new series, or rewatch an old series for that matter. Get your mind off life and be transported to someone else’s world.



Am I specifically talking about multiple pints of ice cream? Maybe. But a significantly less fattening alternative would be to take in something new. Read a book! Learn a new skill or watch a documentary. Listen to a podcast. Take in something and give yourself a new perspective. But don’t get me wrong, ice cream is still a valid option.



A great way to move forward and to continue to grow is to create! I am an artist at heart so I love to clear my head by creating. I love to paint, draw, design and even knit and crochet. There is a level of accomplishment when you create something that you’ll be hard-pressed to find by just sitting around. If you really wanted that job and you don’t get it, you can feel pretty defeated. You were so sure that there was going to be a new opportunity on your doorstep and instead you are left with rejection and self doubt. Now is the perfect time to create something you can be proud of. You need to remind yourself that even though things didn’t work out in your favor, that you are still an incredibly successful and skilled human being. Remind yourself of this every day. You are amazing.



Now that you’ve moved past the grief, or at least doused it in glitter paint and yarn, you need to set a goal. Get your head back in the game and move forward. Setting a goal, big or small, will keep you focused on what’s in front of you instead of wallowing over what’s behind you. Now, as I said in step one, wallowing is great, necessary even. But don’t let it control you. Put some jeans on (or whatever outfit makes you feel powerful) and get back to the grind. Things didn’t go the way you wanted. But you are going to get back out there and make it happen. This is your time. I believe in you! Now go!


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