May Pick of the Month

I am obsessed with television. I love watching television. From comedy sitcoms like The Office to emotional dramas like This Is Us. I am a tried and true dedicated fan of Grey’s Anatomy and love to dig a little deeper on the storylines and character relationships. But my all-time favorite television genre is… competition TV. Masterchef, Amazing Race, Survivor, BIG BROTHER, American Ninja Warrior and of course, American Idol.


The news of American Idol is all over the place as they have just crowned the latest winner, Maddie Poppe. Thus bringing us to my PICK OF THE MONTH! Maddie Poppe. Now, this girl is genuine and sweet and freaking adorable. She’s awkward and embraces it and I truly am like yes you are my spirit animal Maddie Poppe.


Maddie Poppe hails from Clarksville, Iowa so she holds a special place in my heart because I live in Iowa and love cheering for my fellow Iowans. I will admit though, I was not a die-hard fan at the beginning. My reactions were typically, she’s good, people like her, but I had other favorites. *Cough Caleb Lee Hutchinson Cough* It wasn’t until the final performances that I was completely won over by Maddie Poppe. The episode consisted of three performances from each finalist. Maddie Poppe performed two originals “Going Going Gone” and “Don’t Ever Let Your Children Grow Up” and ended the night with “Landslide” from Fleetwood Mack. It was after her first performance that I turned to my husband and said, “She’s clearly the winner.”


SPOILER ALERT - lol it’s not a spoiler because it’s been over for a few weeks now, but MADDIE POPPE WINS. It was also revealed that her and my former fave, Caleb Lee Hutchinson are IN LOVE! This alone melts my heart and makes me love them so much more than I already did. I recommend following them both on Instagram @maddiepoppe and @calbeleemusic to watch their adorable stories together. #socute


“Going, Going, Gone” is topping charts as we speak and it’s a full blown theme song to anyone looking to move on to something bigger and better in life! I highly recommend it!

Here is a video from her Jimmy Kimmel performance check it out here!