April Pick of the Month

Here we go to the introductory series of Pick of the Month! So I love trying things and I particularly love telling people about what I’ve tried and my experiences with it. Though I strongly fear the unknown, I want to push myself to try some different stuff. Coincidently, some of the latest and greatest things I’ve taken for a spin have turned out to be my favorite.

My latest favorite that has inspired my Pick of the Month series is the.... drumroll please...


The “Iced Blonde Cold Foam Cappuccino” from Starbucks. I was apprehensive of this at first as, being a former barista, the thought of foam on an iced drink totally grossed me out. I am still scarred from the time a customer had me put steamed foam on top of his iced latte. But this bad dad is incredible! It’s sweet and not bitter from the blonde espresso and the foam, well call me a fan.

I will preface this with a fun fact, I. Love. Foam. I am a HUGE cappuccino drinker and I love me a good merengue foam. Not every barista can make you a good foam so when you find that one you tip em good. The cold foam is the perfect merengue foam without the difficulty. Because it is done in a blender, you’re gonna get consistent, merengue foam every time.


My second favorite thing about the Cold Foam Cappuccino is the lid to that cup. It is a cold drink from Starbucks that does not require a straw. This is good especially for the environmentally conscious as plastic straws have been on the most hated list of garbage these days. It’s also nice because, frankly, it feels nice to drink out of. My bestie compared it to a sippy cup and you know, I’m not mad about it.

Blonde espresso is a game changer If you’re looking to cut some calories. This smooth and sweet espresso roast doesn’t necessarily require the addition of syrups. I still add a couple of hazelnut and it is MORE than enough.

Now be on the look out for more picks and more new things to try! Got something you think I’d love? Leave a comment or message me to try it out!!

Disclaimer: this post was not funded or sponsored by Starbucks. I just drink there a lot.


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