The Importance of Bliss

Love What You Do

It is important to love the work that you do. Period. Working the side hustle just to make an extra buck is the guaranteed way to burn out and burn out quickly. I know from experience.

Far too many times, I have chased the strategy or plan that will get me the fastest dollar, and to tell you the truth, I hated it. Everything about focusing on the bottom line was terrible. I never wanted to work. Nothing kills your side hustle faster than the lack of desire.

It wasn't until I started really focusing on the projects and jobs that make me happiest that I was able to truly thrive. I wanted to work. It truly is a blessing to wake up and want to work. I can't begin to tell you how many times I would sit down at my computer and then the next thing I knew, hours had passed by. That is an amazing feeling.

It's Okay to Say No

When we side hustle, we feel like we have to say yes to everything, anything for the dollar bills. This is why we get tired and burn out. I've learned this, the hard way I admit, that saying yes is not always the best option. It wasn't until I started saying no that I felt like I was thriving in my side hustle.

By saying no, I'm able to only focus on the bliss. I have control over the projects I take on and I am free to welcome the projects that I want. This really feels like the definition of "Self Employed."

On the Bad Days

First of all, everyone is going to have bad days. It's happened to me and I can guarantee it's happened to you. When the side-hustle is strong, it is easy to work 80 hours a week. Along with that, it is tiring as hell. Exciting! But tiring. All over Pinterest and motivational speakers will tell you the importance of self care. If you fail to take care of yourself, you will certainly feel the consequences.

Some days, when the hustle is tough, when the sales aren't coming through and a client is being particularly difficult, you're going to want to quit. You will wonder if it's worth it to try marketing one more time. You will wonder if you can really do this. I'll tell you a secret. You can!

Sometimes, I have days that I don't want to do anything. I don't want to design new things, I don't want to process existing orders, and I don't want to write any of these super helpful posts you're reading. On those days, I don't do anything. The hardest thing for millennials is to stop working. We are in constant overdrive all the time. It is important to stop, breathe and to take a break. The next day, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on another hard-hustling day!

Breathe. Rest. Love. Hustle.

Hopefully this has proven to be helpful to all my fellow hustlers out there. Keep working. It's hard as hell but it's always worth it.


Love this Print? You can order it  here!

Love this Print? You can order it here!