Here Comes Hygge

Hygge - or the Danish concept that focuses on coziness - is the up and coming new trend for weddings and parties. Especially as we approach the fall and winter wedding season, Hygge is ALL THE RAGE.

First of all, it's adorable. But it's also memorable which is always my goal for wedding stationary. This Hygge stationary set is inspired by the traditional Hygge style and other Scandinavian design.

Hygge is airy and colorful but most importantly it's COZY. The coziness associated with the Hygge design usually also include furs (faux or otherwise), rustic decor like branches or logs, copper and candles. Hygge is all about indulgence. Extra blankets, extra food, extra company. Indulging in the greatest of the great things that make you feel good.

When I think of Hygge, I'm thinking reading a book by a fire, knitting or crocheting while under a big chunky blanket, drinking red wine and indulging in chocolate.

Anyone else imagining themselves reading Harry Potter in a big cozy chair while buried in blankets? Just me? Ok. #harrypotterforlife

Cabins in the woods, snow falling, all things warm and cozy and just filled with goodness. Give me all the things. All the things now please! If this doesn't sound like the best way to spend your time, I don't know what would! This trend fits my lifestyle perfectly.

The color scheme associated with Hygge ranges. For home decor, Hygge is grays, neutrals, whites. For stationary, however, the color scheme branches out into more bold colors that flow well together. Note that I said BOLD not BRIGHT. The difference is vast.

If Hygge is a wedding style you're interested in, there is a great wedding stationary set in our invitations tab here.

Here is some sneak peaks of what's available. As always, custom designs are always available. Chat me up!